Books · 5 August 2022

Game Changers – Leading Today’s Learning for Tomorrow’s World

The world is changing – and rapidly. If we want to foster young people’s ability to learn, live, lead and work in that changing world, the way we approach education and leadership in schools must change too. 

In Game changers: Leading today’s learning for tomorrow’s world, Philip Cummins and Adriano Di Prato distil years of professional practice and research into a roadmap for leadership that changes the game of school. Centring the character and purpose of leaders in education, Cummins and Di Prato make the case for leadership that strengthens, informs, orientates, focuses, aligns and enriches – courageous leadership that prepares the young people in our care for the world they will inhabit tomorrow. 

Featuring insights from dozens of game changers innovating the character, purpose and future of education, Game changers: Leading today’s learning for tomorrow’s world will challenge, inspire and change you.

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Publisher: Amba Press
Published: 15th August 2023
‎ 978-1923116108

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