Enquiry-Based Learning · 31 August 2019

A student guide to Enquiry-Based Learning

Enquiry-based Learning (EBL) is an active kind of learning being implemented in higher education institutions across the UK and worldwide. It is being used across university courses, in myriad subjects as diverse as Medicine, Geography, English and Engineering. EBL gives students the opportunity to take control of their own learning, and get what they want and need from their university education.

This basic guide to EBL has been written by a student for students. In order to produce this guide, students have been consulted about EBL as they have experienced it and used it as a tool for learning. The product of these discussions is this guide. In an attempt to make this a useful resource across the disciplines, all the hints, tips, problems and discussions have come from real-life student EBL experiences.

It’s here for you, to help you on your yellow brick road to practising good EBL. In here, you’ll find basic information, hints and tips, questions and answers, quotations and opinions from students about EBL (Whowell, 2006).

Author: Mary Whowell

Published: July 2006

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